Mold Testing

Mold inspections are by no means a requirement when buying a house, but getting one can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a lot of stress.  At Full Spectrum Inspection, we will do a free basic mold analysis test on every home inspected. If we find evidence of mold, we will suggest a more comprehensive test be conducted. (Basic test is free with inspection. Comprehensive test start at $150)

Methamphetamine Testing

When someone produces or uses illegal methamphetamines in homes, sheds, garages, trailers, and businesses—places where other people live, sleep, eat, and work—these areas are left contaminated with potentially dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. With Meth use on the rise, it is wise to have testing done to see if any residue is present.  This test is not standard with a basic home inspection, but can be added on, or done as a "stand alone" test.  ($150 as a stand alone test)

Water quality is a big concern in Montana, and Full Spectrum Inspection has you covered.  We give every home inspection a free basic water analysis test.  If anything looks abnormal, we will suggest a much more detailed testing based upon what we find. As always, you can request a "stand alone" water analysis test if this is all you need. (Basic test is free with inspection.  More comprehensive test start at $150)

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring toxic gas that is a by-product of Uranium decay which is very common in North America. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  A complete testing takes 48 hours and the results will be delivered immediately after completion of test.  ($150 as a stand alone test)

Water Quality Testing

Residential / Rental Inspections

Thermal Imaging

Full Spectrum Inspection use thermal imaging in most homes to see hidden problems that are otherwise undetectable.  We look for moisture intrusion, poorly insulated areas, abnormally hot electrical wiring/components, heat loss/air leakage and much more.  (Basic scan is free with inspection. More comprehensive testing starts at $150)

Our general home inspection includes a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems and components that are visible and safely accessible.  At Full Spectrum Inspection, we take great pride in being efficient and dependable. We adhere to a strict standards of practice set forth by InterNACHI that outlines what should be covered during a general home inspection. If interested, this outline can be found by following this link (Standards of Practice).  (Standard inspection of single level, single family Home starts at $300)

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